History of the Maryland/Delaware District

Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Our District was formed several years ago. When the District was first formed the Directors in charge were called State Directors and later through the years the position was changed to District Director.


The following is a list of Directors who served for the Maryland District:


Walter Taylor – 1st State Director

Richard France – 2nd State Director – Richard served as Region B Director after serving his term as State Director.

Claude Christensen – 3rd State Director

Al & Patty Vogel – 4th State Director

Roger & Debbie Dunn – 5th District Director

Bruce & Dori Mayer – 6th District Director (Served 3 Years Consecutively)

Tommy & Ruthie Chedester – 7th District Director

Charles & Shirley Dorsey – 8th District Director

Fred & Judy Haynes – 9th District Director

Charles Gallagher – 10th District Director

Allen & Gwen Willingham – 11th District Director

Ray & Cheryl Hartman—12th District Director

Bruce Hill & Regina Smith - 13th District Directors - During their term, the Maryland District became the Maryland/                                                                                                                       Delaware District.


Special Titles - Our District had 2 special titles for members of the East Coast & West Coast.


East Coast

Frank Gillespie was under the East Coast and titled as Ambassador.


West Coast

As soon as we get the name of the West Coast Ambassador we will update this information.


State Rally - Claude Christensen started the 1st State Rally which was held at the Holiday Inn in Gaithersburg, Md.


Winter Thing - Claude Christensen also started the 1st Winter Thing Rally which was held in Timonium, Md; this Rally was held in addition to the State Rally.


Charlie Gallagher District Director’s Award (formerly District Director’s Award) - This award was meant to recognize an individual or couple, who in the estimation of the District Director, has gone “above and beyond” for the good of the Maryland/Delaware District later renamed the Charlie Gallagher District Directors Award in memory of our past District Director that succumbed to his fight with cancer on August 5, 2008.


Jimmy Colbert Memorial Award - In 1998 the our District established the Jimmy Colbert Memorial Award due to Jimmy’s past exceptional Leadership as Assistant District Director.


Current Annual Maryland/Delaware District List of Events

District Winter Thing

District Couple Selection Process

District Rendezvous

District Cruise


Current Award Programs

Visitation Plaque Program

High Mileage Plaque Program



When our District was first formed the directors who served at the chapter level were called Area Representatives and later through the years the position was changed to Chapter Director.


Our District has had as many as 12 chapters. Currently there are 9 active chapters in the Maryland/Delaware District, they are Maryland Chapters B, C, F, H, I, J & L and Delaware Chapters A & B. Maryland Chapters A, D, E, G and K are no longer active.



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