Jimmy Colbert Memorial Award

James (Jimmy) Colbert was a Charter Member of Maryland Chapter B and served in several positions during his GWRRA tenure. At the time of his passing (1997), Jimmy served as the Maryland Assistant District Director and was looking forward to moving up to District Director. Jimmy loved GWRRA and he promoted GWRRA to whomever he met. Jimmy met no strangers. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to those that needed.

To honor the memory of Jimmy, in 1998 the MD District established the Jimmy Colbert Memorial Award. This award is presented to an outstanding person or couple in the Maryland/Delaware District of GWRRA each year. While it is recognized that all members within GWRRA are outstanding, there remain those few who continue to go beyond in helping others and exemplifying the GWRRA motto, "Friends for fun, safety and knowledge". This award is presented to the best of the best in recognition for their contributions. Only one award is presented each year and it is presented at the Maryland/Delaware District "WinterThing". Click here for the nomination rules.

2019 - Danny & Paulette Horton (MD-L)

2018 - Nobody

2017 - Terry Gardner (MD-J)

2016 - Kenneth & Deidre Trass (MD-B)

2015 - Lillian Cruz (MD-B)

2014 - Bruce Hill & Regina Smith (MD-B)

2013 - Bob & Julie A'Hearn (MD-I)

2012 - Sue Miller (MD-H)

2011 - Rick & Gerry Yager (MD-I)

2010 - Tom & Gail McCormick (MD-A)

2009 - Dan & Brigid Kenney (MD-I)

2008 - Ray & Cheryl Hartman (MD-I)

2007 - Dave & Gloria Pumphrey (MD-C)

2006 - Allen & Gwen Willingham (MD-J)

2005 - Charles & Shirley Dorsey (MD-B)

2004 - Hampton & ShaRon Conway (MD-B)

2003 - Bruce & Julia Malson (MD-B)

2002 - Fred & Judy Haynes (MD-A)

2001 - Allan & Judy Phillips (MD-D)

2000 - Dave & Virginia Bohrer (MD-F)

1999 - Mike & Brenda Harley (MD-I)

1998 - Charles & Jean Schappet (MD-I)